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Name: Mine Zaim Ozcan
Course studied: MA International Marketing Management
Nationality: Turkish
Current position: Senior Marketing Manager, PRX International Limited

Why did you choose to study at BU?

Studying a Master’s degree was the priority for me after I graduated from university. I studied business administration for my undergraduate degree, so I wanted to choose a specialism. Marketing management was the first option for my career development. BU was the perfect fit for me, both for the academic lecturers and the city I wanted to live and study in.

What did you gain from your student experience?

During my studies at BU, I had both academic and practical experiences in a multinational environment. I always say that the first five years after graduation from university is an essential milestone for career development. It was a good start for my career by building all this expertise in marketing theory, and exploring case studies in different areas such as marketing communication, marketing in a cross-cultural environment, e-commerce and strategic marketing planning.

What advice do you have for other international students coming to study at BU?

  1. Enjoy being a student in a lovely place
  2. Spend time on your personal development, through opportunities at the university and outside
  3. Specify your priority areas for your study and learn more about these are implemented in the UK as much as possible