Bettina, from Denmark, applied to BU after deciding to travel overseas for her higher education. She said: “I was keen to broaden my horizons and had considered universities in America and Australia, but the UK system appealed as I could complete my degree over three years. After researching different institutions, Bournemouth came recommended.”

Bettina had originally set her mind set on a degree in media and communication but was advised to explore politics after the team at BU read her application. She said: “I’d written about my interests in animal welfare and the importance of biodiversity for the future of the planet and was advised that this could be a good fit for the politics programme. It turned out to be great guidance as it meant I could channel what I cared about into a degree that would give me greater insights into how to shape and influence policy.”

While the degree gave Bettina knowledge of topics including the history of political thought, political psychology and the role of the media, it also showed her how individuals and groups can lobby on behalf of their causes to affect change. She went on to achieve a first-class honours and had her dissertation paper published in an academic journal.

Away from the course, Bettina was keen to make the most of the whole university experience and took part in extra-curricular activities including the Global Talent Programme (now Graduate Skills Programme), the Salzburg Global Seminar and the Student Global Leader Summit in Cape Town. She also became a Peer Assisted Learning Leader and completed a year’s work placement with the Danish Ministry of Education. She said: “These experiences helped me to understand more about leadership, and the type of leaders who will be needed to bring positive change in the world. While I hadn’t particularly enjoyed my schooling in Denmark, I found a real love for learning, began to excel in what I was doing and can now say that my university years were the best of my life so far.”

Having now returned to Denmark, Bettina is applying to do a Master’s in politics and governance and hopes one day to work internationally in the area of ecological policy.