Ana Diniz, BU alumnaLLM International Tax Law graduate Ana shares her experiences of BU...

Although I had been working with Brazilian tax law for almost five years, I decided to take the LLM because I wanted to grow as a tax professional, develop myself, acquire knowledge and enhance the experience I already had.

“I decided to study in the UK, because I would be able to acquire impressive knowledge from the most important and renowned tax law practitioners in the market. Bournemouth University was ranked as the one of the best universities in tax law in the UK and I am very proud to be a BU alumna.

“Bournemouth is a very nice town with a good atmosphere. A walk to the lovely gardens, or to the pier, is enough to have some fresh air and relax during the hard times of study.

“The university receives new students with open arms and gives you all the guidance you need. It has good accommodation and a big library with all the structure you need. BU staff provide support whenever you need help. I really counted on them. The discussions during classes were very interesting and helped to share knowledge. The professors had a lot to contribute to our academic experience.

“Before coming to BU, I was a senior consultant in the business tax advisory practice at Ernst & Young. I had started as an intern and I was building a solid career there. I felt confident to take my career to the next level by studying at university, because I think that a good lawyer is an eternal consumer of knowledge.

“When I came back to Brazil I was promoted to manager in my company and, in the long term, I see myself as a director. I believe BU prepared me to face future challenges; giving me confidence not only as a student but as a professional.”