A graduate of BU’s Master’s in International Hospitality Tourism management has been named as a finalist in a global business and innovation award.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Minh was shortlisted in the Business and Innovation category of the British Council Study UK Alumni Awards in Vietnam. The awards aim to celebrate the success of international students who have studied in the UK and acknowledge the contributions made to their industries.

After receiving the Foreign Trade Scholarship and Bournemouth University Scholarship, Minh travelled to the UK to complete her Masters in 2008. She said: “This course introduced me to a growth mindset that trained me to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

Minh’s time in the UK and studies at BU has not only provided her with a valuable academic education, but access to cultural experiences that she would not have experienced had she stayed in Vietnam. She said: “I have had chances to travel to many neighbouring countries to broaden my horizons. It’s fantastic that I had some incredible experiences and made lasting friendships.”

After being spurred on by a major injury she suffered growing up, Minh’s studies propelled her career into the healthcare and insurance industry. She quickly became the youngest female manager of the Vietnam region for Allianz Partners, and as such is working tirelessly to bring “safe and economically viable healthcare innovations to those who need it most.”

The British Council Study UK Alumni Awards aim to celebrate international students’ contributions to their industry, and Minh continues to be an advocate for women in the healthcare industry by regularly speaking at leadership conferences and contributing to articles encouraging women in their careers.

Congratulations on this fantastic achievement of being shortlisted Minh!