Olusola Joshua studied an MSc in International Economics and Finance and now works for Nigeria’s Federal Inland Revenue Service as an Assistant Manager for Transfer Pricing.

Prior to coming to BU, Olusola had completed an undergraduate degree in accounting in Nigeria and worked for an audit firm and university finance department. He said: “As a research-oriented person who loved analysing big data to make a decision, it was always my desire to have a second degree in a more research inclined discipline. I started looking at postgraduate programmes and found the content of the Bournemouth course very interesting and in line with my academic research aspirations.”

Olusola was successful in obtaining a scholarship as a result of his previous academic achievements and joined BU in 2014. Reflecting on his studies, he said: “I had a wonderful experience as an international student, right from the day I entered the United Kingdom and throughout the duration of my studies at BU. The support was incredible, from my application and visa process to the reception given to me at the airport by the welcome team. The structure of the programme, course content and delivery helped me to learn from other international students and gain from the vast experience of the academic teaching staff.

“At the end of my programme my research capacity drastically improved, along with my reporting and communication skills. I also need to acknowledge the support of non-academic staff at BU such as the careers team and library staff, who all made my experience a pleasant and memorable one.”

Having explored options to continue studying a PhD, Olusola eventually decided to return to Nigeria to forge a career in audit and tax advice. He said: “My research, data analytics and reporting skills have made me a force to reckon with in my department and I have also been able to transfer my knowledge and skills to colleagues through on-the-job or organised technical training sessions.”

Alongside the day job, Olusola has continued his interest in academia, having two research papers published by international journals. When asked his advice to other international students, he said: “Maintain focus on what you have come to do, learn how to manage your time, make the most of extra-curricular opportunities and build your networks, as meeting new people is part of learning and can open up opportunities now or in the future.”