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Our series for 2022-23 will explore sustainability in a cost of living crisis, innovative orthopaedic research, the historical role of women in journalism and the newest story of Stonehenge.

Our 2021-22 lectures covered everything from ageing well to the Great British seaside, the wildlife of Poole Harbour, supporting LGBTQ+ communities, the future of our region, and how our ancient ancestors responded to environmental change. You can watch the recordings of these events below.

Secrets of Stonehenge

Thursday 18th May, 7pm - 8:30pm

Tim Darvill at Stonehenge

It had long been thought that the famous site of Stonehenge served as an ancient calendar, given its alignment with the solstices. Now, research has identified how it may have worked.

New finds about the stone circle’s history, along with analysis of other ancient calendar systems, prompted Bournemouth University prehistorian Professor Timothy Darvill to take a fresh look at Stonehenge. He identified a solar calendar in their layout, suggesting they served as a physical representation of the year that helped the ancient inhabitants of Wiltshire keep track of the days, weeks, and months.

“Finding a solar calendar represented in the architecture of Stonehenge opens up a whole new way of seeing the monument as a place for the living; a place where the timing of ceremonies and festivals was connected to the very fabric of the universe and celestial movements in the heavens.”
Professor Timothy Darvill

With the opportunity to ask questions and engage in a live discussion, this event is perfect for those interested in history, archaeology, and the ancient world.

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