Student Minds

Helping students and the BU community to care for their mental wellbeing

Student Minds

A student mental health charity that empowers students to care for their mental wellbeing.

Student Minds is a UK-based mental health charity. Their website features a wealth of information for students and the university community about achieving and maintaining good mental health. Student Minds promote early intervention with preventative approaches so mental health problems do not escalate.

The charity claims that around 30% of students face some form of psychological distress while studying at university. Depression and anxiety are the most common, but students also suffer from eating disorders, self-harm, OCD and other diagnosed psychological illnesses. 

Poor mental health can lead to decreased academic performance, failure and dropout. This has a knock-on effect if left unaddressed with ongoing mental health problems, low economic attainment and other negative implications. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce stigma and create an environment where students can find ways to manage and improve their mental health.


Student Minds has produced a Transitions guide for university students containing information about mental health, sexual health, identity and relationships. Further topics featured are on the website are: 

Student Space and The Wellbeing Thesis

Student Minds has also created two separate websites. One is The Wellbeing Thesis, an online resource for postgraduate research students. Most recently, they developed Student Space to provide resources and advice relating to coronavirus, which is continuing to support students during the uncertainty of student life.

Advice for parents, friends or staff

Student Minds produced the guide, Look after your mate, with sections on how to talk to a friend suffering from poor mental health, what to do when things get tough, looking after your own wellbeing, understanding the various diagnoses and where to find further support.

Student Minds has a dedicated FAQ page providing information for parents, carers and guardians on how to support a young person at university. 

Student Space provides resources and advice to support students during the uncertainty of student life.

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