On public holidays (also called Bank Holidays) banks are closed and shops have limited opening times. There are no lectures on public holidays but you will need to check if other University facilities are open.

At Christmas the whole University closes down for ten days but you will normally be able to use computer facilities in the Open Access Centres if you want to. You should try to make plans for the Christmas and Easter holidays if you will be staying in Bournemouth. Most British students normally return home for the holidays, so the campus and halls of residence are quiet and you may feel isolated. Consider staying with a host family in another part of the UK for a few days, organise a trip with your friends or invite them to your house to share a meal.

If you do choose to travel over a Bank Holiday you must check the train or bus timetables carefully in advance. Public transport is less frequent on Bank Holidays. Also, travel and accommodation costs are sometimes higher than normal. There are often special local festivals or traditional events that take place on Bank Holidays, so check the internet for details of what’s happening in the area.