Your Graduation is a celebration of your achievements and a formal occasion, so you need to wear the appropriate gown and hood. You will be sent information on hiring your academic dress when you receive your invitation to your Graduation ceremony. 

When booking your gown please have the following details ready:

  • Height
  • Hat size (circumference of your head taken just above your ears)
  • Chest/bust measurements
  • Qualification
  • Date and time of your ceremony.

Collecting your academic dress

The academic dress will be delivered to the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) and you should allow ample time before the ceremony to collect it. Further details will be available in the summer.

Academic dress

The varying colours of the gowns and hoods (and more subtle variations in their style and cut) indicate the award (diploma, bachelor, master or doctor), the university presenting the award and the faculty or subject. Further colour and splendour is brought to the occasion by the gold trimmed gowns and hats of the senior University officers: the Pro-Chancellors, the Vice-Chancellor and the Chancellor.

Details of our academic dress