New video

In response to student feedback we’ve put together a brand new video to guide you through the process of searching for books and taking them out of the library.  Join media student Madison who’ll explain all about it, and if you’ve still got questions let us know!

New mySearch

As part of the continued investment in our IT infrastructure, we are pleased to announce the implementation of a newly refreshed version of mySearch.

This will provide a new, user-friendly online interface, so you can more easily access our extensive array of books, e-resources and other collections as a single one-stop search, from a variety of devices. This new version of mySearch will also replace the Library Catalogue.

Benefits include

  • Improved accessibility and visibility of our library collections
  • Single search access to print, licensed, archival and open access content
  • Enhanced automation of borrowing and lending
  • Full integration with other core BU systems to improve processes
  • Time savings for library staff so more student-facing activities can be delivered.

Further guidance and a series of helpguides can be found here

Watch our new video highlighting how your feedback is being used to make the library better.

Last semester we asked students which Library & Learning Support services are working well and what we could do to make your experience better.  Here are some of the key things that you highlighted and actions that we are taking.  Remember, if you need help please get in touch with your Faculty Library Team or Library Chat.    

Thank you for feeding back - we really value your thoughts. Please use the SimOn tool to feedback any further comments.

Study skills

94% of students said... the library’s Study Skills Workshops were either useful or very useful! 

You said… I was unable to attend all the Study Skills workshops I wanted to 

We have… pre-recorded versions of our Study Skills workshops available for you to view 24/7  

We are… trialling running workshops at different times, including early evenings 

1-2-1 Appointments with your Faculty Library Team 

Students said… 1-2-1 appointments with their Faculty Library Team were “Outstanding”, “Really useful”, “Extremely useful for assignment”  

You said… booking 1-2-1 appointments with my Faculty Library Team can sometimes be tricky 

We have… bookable 1-2-1 appointments available on most weekdays. Email your Faculty Library Team if you cannot make one of the bookable slots (Mon - Fri, 9-5).  

You said… I would like an in-person 1-2-1 appointment with my Faculty Library Team   

We are… offering bookable appointments online or in-person on request 

We have... introduced new maths and academic skills tutors to help guide students in these vital areas - bookable via our study skills page


You said… Library chat is amazing - it’s been so helpful when completing assignments and directing me to the right resources! 

You said… The response from the library team on the online Chat is so fast and helpful  

Reading Lists

97% of Level 6 students said that books on their reading lists could be accessed when needed via the unit menu in Brightspace.

You said…  you would like early access to your unit reading lists

We have…  added a Reading List button to the Library area in Brightspace, which enables students to view all reading lists

Reading list button in Brightspace


You said… I would like more access to e-books  

We have… prioritised e-book purchases wherever possible, and where publishers will not allow library purchase, we liaise with your lecturers to identify and digitise important chapters 

We have… invested heavily in e-Textbooks for key readings wherever possible 

You said… It’s frustrating when e-books are limited to small numbers of readers at the same time 

We are… monitoring e-book access and purchase additional copies when needed 

We have… prioritised buying unlimited users licenses whenever publishers make them available 

Print books

You said… I want longer loan times for print books  

We have… introduced automatic renewals, so you can borrow books for longer unless they are reserved. We’ve also removed fines! 

You said… I’m not always sure how to find physical books on the shelves.  

We have… reviewed and designed new signage to make navigation easier 

Library signage

Library signage

We are… making a video available online which will guide you through the process of taking a book out, step-by-step

Accessing journal articles

96% of Level 6 students… agreed or strongly agreed that the library’s online resources meet their study needs! 

You said… it’s frustrating when I can’t access all the journal articles I need 

We have… an inter-library loan request service to help you obtain key articles and books for your dissertation  

We are… offering extensive support through in-curriculum teaching, study skills workshops, Library Chat and 1-2-1 appointments with your Faculty Library Team  

We have… pre-recorded a version of our Literature Searching workshop to help you develop useful strategies and techniques to improve your results 


You said… Library staff are incredibly nice and helpful - I was winging it a bit with searching but now I’ve learnt how to do it! 

You said… I really enjoyed [the librarian’s] lecture. It was so informative, helpful and I feel so much more comfortable 

We are… offering extensive support through in-curriculum teaching, study skills workshops, and 1-2-1 appointments with your Faculty Library Team 

You said… I’d really like library [in-curriculum] lectures to be recorded  

We are… recording and posting lectures in relevant units in Brightspace to support your learning 

You said… library lectures and workshops received at Level 6 were really helpful and I wish I’d received them in previous years  

We agree… we’re using your feedback to integrate library teaching at Level 4 in programmes where this is not already happening. Thank you for your feedback!

Library spaces and IT equipment

You said... final year undergraduates could really do with some dedicated space of their own, like the postgrads have

We are... creating new priority space for level 6 students on the fourth floor of The Sir Michael Cobham Library - opening in January 2023

You said... using two screens makes it so much easier to write assignments

We have... installed a bank of new 23 inch monitors in TSMCL that students can dock their laptops too. We'll be rolling these out to the Weston Library soon

You said… a space in the library where students can relax and unwind would be great

We have… created a new, dedicated comfy corner on the first floor of The Sir Michael Cobham Library - a place to relax, chat or get lost in a good book!

A group of students are enjoying a break and a chat in the comfy corner at The Sir Michael Cobham Library

We have...recently opened a new Caffé Nero in the library serving award-winning Italian coffee.

Two students are seated in the library café, talking and laughing

We have...provided a separate refreshments area near to the library helpdesk, so you can get a quality cup of coffee even if the café is closed.

Two students are relaxing in the library's coffee cabin. One is choosing a drink, and the other is seated reading a book

You said… it can be hard to find information regarding the facilities

We have… increased our social media output, with more news and tips about using library services

Facebook Twitter Instagram

We have… produced a new video tour, with one of our undergraduate students highlighting the facilities available in The Sir Michael Cobham Library

We are… working on a dedicated library tour webpage, where students can find information and book a personal tour with one of our team