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Improving our services

We are very proud of the service and resources we provide across our libraries, but we are always looking for ways to improve.

Your feedback is important in enabling this to happen, and in highlighting areas where changes to our services could make a difference. If you have anything you would like to tell us, whether it is a comment, a compliment or a complaint, please fill in our feedback form.

In addition to our own sources, we also gather feedback from SimON (SUBU's Student Rep feedback gathering tool) and the National Student Survey (NSS).

Below are a number of examples where we have listened to your comments and made changes as a result:

  • "We need more spaces to work and more desks without computers on them.”
    From January 2020, The Sir Michael Cobham Library has expanded onto the 3rd floor of the Student Centre, which is already linked to us via the Lady Cobham Bridge. It will be a social and collaborative study area, and includes two small  study rooms which are bookable via the university's Room Bookings service.

  • “I find it hard to find my way around and locate the books I need, especially as all the floors look the same!”
    ​In summer 2019 we introduced colour coding in The Sir Michael Cobham Library, by painting an area of wall on each floor with its own vibrant colour.  We have also introduced extra signage at the entrance to the library and inside the lift, to complement the exisiting wall directories on the staircases and upper floors.

  • “The Library looks a bit dull and outdated.”
    In summer 2019, brand new technobooths were installed in The Sir Michael Cobham Library. The new design provides spacious groupwork facilities, comfortable seating, large screen projection and hi-spec technology.  We hope too that the brightly coloured paint introduced on each floor, and the green plants we have added on the ground floor, all help to cheer up the decor and enhance wellbeing.

  • “The quiet sections are never quiet...” and ...“Provide some individual study desks like we have at Lansdowne.”
    With the opening of Bournemouth Gateway Building in January 2021 (incorporating a new Library for the Lansdowne Campus), we have brought the individual study carrels which were in Bournemouth House Library over to The Sir Michael Cobham Library for use on the 4th floor. The library team continue to check the silent areas regularly. We have also introduced a “Love Your Library” campaign - publicising this with printed posters, digital signage, social media posts and publicity on the Student News webpages. The message underpinning this is a request to all students to consider those around them and be respectful of those who require a silent study environment.

  • “Provide some Macs for those of us who prefer them to Windows PCs.”
    The Sir Michael Cobham Library now has some iMacs as well as Windows 10 PCs, and both libraries have Macbook Airs available for loan through the Laptop Loan Scheme.