Library and Learning Services are with you every step of the way as you turn your research into your final text.  

Support for developing your academic writing and research skills is provided through online resources on Brightspace; workshops led by library staff help you build knowledge and understanding, and your Faculty Library Team will be happy to meet with you one to one as you approach your viva, and look to submitting your thesis to the library.  

To get your thesis ready to be made available electronically we will guide you on preparing your research data to be submitted along with your thesis, and on the use of any third party copyright in your thesis.  

Testimonial: ‘Submitting my thesis’ 

Weston Library inside

The process of submitting an integrated thesis to the library can seem complicated, especially when you have a mix of publications and not yet submitted papers, including the consideration of whether papers are Open Access.  

However, meeting with the library team early makes this process simple and takes away a worry in the final months of your PhD. I would recommend booking a meeting with the Faculty Library Team prior to submitting your thesis for Viva.  

This will save you time later down the line when your approved version already meets the criteria needed for library submission on BURO, and additional changes aren’t needed. The library team will do the rest and you will have then completed! 

- Malika Felton