The library is there to support you as you start your research project whether developing your search strategy, building academic skills, accessing high quality resources or planning your research project.  

To get started on your research the library has lots of guidance to support you, whether getting started with your Research Data Management; searching for other theses and dissertations in your subject area, finding articles or books you need with inter library loans, or researching methodology using SAGE Research Methods.   

Library workshops for postgraduates such as Originality and Plagiarism in Research help you reflect on academic integrity and how to make a unique impact through your research.  

Your Faculty Library Team will be happy to meet with you and to support you at this and every stage of your research journey.  


Fred McClintock PG researcher

I really appreciated all the support when I was starting my PhD research. I’ve attended induction sessions and some workshops, including a really helpful one on Endnote Reference Management. I’d tried using this before and given up, but the library session took me through everything I needed to know step by step. 

As I’m doing a systematic review as part of my research it took a lot of planning to get started and there was a lot to think about. I was really grateful to be able to sit down with a librarian and being able to talk through my research question and get an idea of how I might develop my search and which databases to search in.

- Fred McClintock