When your thesis is submitted to the library it is made available on BURO, BU’s publications repository, and your research data is made available on BORDaR, our research data repository.   

Working with the library to make your work available, Open Access will enhance the impact of your research and help others to collaborate with you.  

The library’s guidance on measuring impact by citation analysis (Bibliometrics) helps you find the best place to publish in the future. 


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It’s amazing to see your PhD made available for people to read and use. After all the work focussed on getting it completed, I’m able to see my research have a life of its own. As I’m continuing to work in the same field of research I find I’m accessing it on BURO quite often, and share it with new colleagues as well.   

I appreciated all the help submitting my thesis and how straight forward the guidance was. It really helped that the library team were concerned with my research impact, and I felt they helped me refocus on the contribution my thesis could make and not just on completing my PhD document.

- Orouba Almajii