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Managing your references using EndNote

EndNote is industry standard, reference management software that helps you organise and insert citations, references and bibliographies when researching and writing assignments and articles.

There are 'Desktop' and 'Online' versions of EndNote available to you as a BU student or member of staff and the Library can support you in using either or both, along with highlighting why this software is such a useful tool.

It's your choice as to which version to use, whatever best suits you and there's nothing stopping you using both depending on where you are:

  • On-campus: You can use EndNote 'Desktop' (X7) which is available via on-campus computers or EndNote 'Online' (also known as EndNote Web) via a web browser
  • Off-campus: Use EndNote 'Online' or a personal copy of EndNote 'Desktop' which you can purchase for your own computer or laptop at an educational discount here: Bilaney Consultants

For further support with using EndNote software, please see our Library Guide.