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When and how we collect your data

BU Privacy Notice: Students

Information we collect or generate about you

The Information we collect and generate about you includes information:

  • Collected from you: through your original application to BU, through online registration/enrolment, through the work you undertake on your course and through all your contacts and engagements with BU staff and service providers;  
  • Collected from or via UCAS: the information which you provided in your UCAS application and other information generated through the UCAS admissions cycle
  • Collected from other third parties, such as institutions involved in joint programmes with BU, organisations providing funding or financing for your course at BU such as the Student Loans Company or any organisations or companies providing you with individual sponsorship or other financial support, agents representing you in the admissions process, organisations which provide work placements and (where relevant) UK Visa & Immigration. 
  • Generated by BU academic and Professional Services staff or service providers in the course of delivering and administering your course and your contract with BU, or providing additional services to you in connection with your status as a BU student. 

Data categories

The types of data we will hold about you include:

  • Contact and identification information and personal characteristics

    • your name, and contact information such as address, email address and telephone number, as well as your date of birth, national insurance number (or other tax identification number) and your passport number or national identity card details, country of domicile and your nationality. We will also allocate you a unique student number;
    • we process information about your personal characteristics (gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion) for the purposes of statistical analysis for equal opportunity monitoring and regulatory reporting.
  • Education history and employment information
    • Information relating to your education and employment history, the school(s), sixth form college(s) and other colleges or universities you have attended and places where you have worked, the courses you have completed, dates of study and examination results.
    • Information about any employment placements or work you undertake as part of your course at BU, including your attendance and performance on the placement and any work undertaken as a student ambassador
  • Academic interests, progression and performance
    • Throughout your course we will be creating and retaining records relating to your academic attendance, progression and performance. This will include your submitted assignments and examination papers, assessments of your work, details of examinations taken, your predicted and actual examination grades and other information in your student record;
  • Personal or family circumstances, immigration status and financial information
    • We will keep information you provide to us or third parties about your family or personal circumstances (including health conditions or disabilities), and both academic and extracurricular interests, for example where this is relevant to any consideration of exceptional circumstances in connection with your academic performance, additional learning support, pastoral care or other wellbeing support, an academic appeal, complaint or disciplinary process or the assessment of your suitability to receive a bursary;
    • We will process information about your immigration status in order to fulfil our responsibilities under immigration legislation, i.e. where you need a visa to study in the UK or you have EU settled status.
    • Financial information for the purposes of managing payment of fees

Special category and criminal convictions data

The data we collect and generate about you includes information subject to special protections under data protection laws: special category data (your racial or ethnic origin; religion or similar beliefs; sexual orientation; disabilities or health conditions) and information about criminal convictions.  

More information

The information of this type that we hold includes special category data and information about relevant criminal convictions and offences, including:

  • Information about certain criminal convictions and about other matters on your criminal record, including information provided in Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks, where this is necessary for risk assessments carried out for specified purposes; and
  • Information about your racial or ethnic origin; religion or similar beliefs; and sexual orientation, which is used for equal opportunities monitoring, external reporting and statistical purposes.

Our processing of these types of information is identified and explained in sections 4 and 5 of this Notice.

Privacy Notice Contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. When and how we collect your data

  3. How we hold your data

  4. How and why we process your data for BU purposes

  5. Sharing your data with third parties

  6. Transfer of your data outside the European Economic Area (EEA)

  7. Retention: how long will we keep your data for?

  8. Your rights as a data subject and how to exercise them