The role of Organisational Development (OD) ensures a close alignment between the university's Vision, Values, Strategy, policies, processes, people and their development in order that we can achieve organisational results and provide staff with a good experience at work.

We aim to achieve this by ensuring that the staff experience is given consideration at every stage of the university's journey and that staff are continually engaged in the life and development of BU.

BU has a Staff Development Policy that covers all of our staff. We provide regular opportunities for staff to engage in the BU journey and, in particular, we create opportunities for staff to meet and share challenges, ideas and good practices.

Staff are provided with opportunities in their personal and professional development to help achieve their potential and increase their capacity for change, so that they have a good experience of working at BU and the organisation achieves its objectives.

BU has an Organisational Development Team who organise a range of staff development and engagement activities.