Congratulations on your conditional offer of Part Time Hourly Paid (PTHP) work with Bournemouth University, we look forward to welcoming you shortly.

Please review the useful instructions and guidance below to assist with getting you successfully on board.

Before you start

Prior to commencing work, it is important that you please complete the following pre-employment steps:

1)    Please ensure the below employment documentation is fully completed:

Once complete, these forms and Right to Work documentation should be securely shared via email to [email protected] (we recommend you use a password for this, please see guidance on email security at the end of this webpage).* 

Part Time Hourly Paid Lecturers (only) – please review the ‘Statement of Main Terms and Conditions of Employment’ 2023/24 (pdf 206kb)

2)    Please familiarise yourself with BU’s policies, procedures and rules and health and safety details, which can be found below:

After you start

Once you are successfully on board, please review the below information which will assist with your induction and help you navigate your first few weeks.


Please review the contents of your contract and ensure that work only takes place within the start and end date. We recommend that you diarise the contract end date, to serve as a useful reminder to help ensure that work does not take place after contract expiry. If you are requested to carry out work outside of contract, please contact your local Professional Services or Faculty Administration Team who will be able to request a new contract – please do not work until a new contract has been issued.


Payment will be made monthly by credit transfer upon submission of an approved claim (a separate claim should be completed for each calendar month and will be paid in arrears). Claims submitted by 7th of the following month should be paid at the end of the same month. Your Faculty or Professional Service will be in touch with your employee number, occupancy number and any local arrangements which are required for your claim. If you have queries about what you have been paid or been taxed having received your pay and payslip please contact Payroll directly at [email protected]. If you have not already provided it, please attach your P45 or HMRC New Starter Checklist to your first pay claim.

Timesheet Claim Form (xlsx 52kb)

Tier 4 Timesheet Claim Form (for Tier 4 students) (xlsx 31kb)

IT access

Access to Employee Self Service (our online system for viewing payslips) and a staff IT account (including a BU email address) will be automatically set up where required; login details will be shared by your Faculty or Professional Service.


We do not automatically issue staff ID cards (smartcards) to PTHP staff. If you wish to apply for a smartcard for ID purposes, for door access permissions, accessing barrier control car parks, ease of printing or for the library, you can request approval from your line manager and make the request to Smartcard Services ([email protected]). If you require a card for printing only, please apply for a print card using


Staff who hold a smartcard (or an email from their line manager confirming they are eligible) may be able to purchase an occasional use daily e-parking permit. Staff interested in applying for this parking permit should email [email protected].

Staff interested in using the daily e-parking permit should refer to the scheme guidance notes (pdf 272kb) and parking FAQs (pdf 172kb). This includes information on the use of a smartphone app for purchasing and registering daily e-permit parking sessions.

Staff interested in applying for an annual PTHP Staff permit can apply online via the Staff Parking Permit Application.

Travelling to BU

Directions, transportation and maps to both campuses can be found online.

We wish you all the very best in your new role at Bournemouth University.

If you have any queries regarding the guidance above, please do not hesitate to email the Hourly Paid Staff Team ([email protected]) who will be happy to assist.

*Email security: When using email to send information there is a risk that this information could be intercepted. As this information contains sensitive, financial or personal information, to minimise risk of misuse we would recommend you protect the data.

Encryption software available include 7-ZIP, Winzip or WinRAR. 7-Zip is an open-source (freeware) software to download. GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) can be used on Windows, MAC and Linux. We also strongly recommend that a "strong" password to encrypt your files i.e. 15 characters long with a mix of uppercase, lowercase, digits and non-alphanumeric characters. This password should be recorded in a secure manner and should not be sent in the same email as the encrypted document (please ensure you share your password in a separate email).