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Department of Accounting, Finance & Economics research

Our researchers are leading experts dedicated to research with economic and societal impact.

These are just some examples of our impact across the globe:

  • A novel knowledge transfer partnership promoting long-term collaboration in pharmacoeconomics. The project will get key UK and Chinese universities to change the ways they share pharmacoeconomics knowledge by developing a long-term educational collaborative that promotes improvements in patient and economic well-being.

  • Economic modelling research by Professor Allan Webster has benefited several governments (Abu Dhabi, Namibia and Saudi Arabia), and has been integral to the successful development of new, internationally competitive industries in Azerbaijan.

  • A team of BU researchers has won a bid to provide seminars addressing access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), bringing together keynote speakers from academia, government agencies and industry in order to discuss the most pertinent issues of SME finance and of credit risk, with a view to developing new research and policy agendas relevant to lenders and regulators.

  • The forecast evaluations for crude oil volatility project is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The aim of the project is to develop new econometric frameworks for the evaluation of the most appropriate oil price volatility measures combined with the most accurate forecasting models, using objective-based loss functions. Oil price volatility forecasting is essential for oil risk management, the management of oil contingent claims, as well as, for policy making related to financial stability. Thus, the new econometric frameworks will be designed to target the economic decision for which the oil price volatility forecast will be used, thus allowing oil traders, portfolio managers, risk managers, policy makers and regulators to make informed decisions.

  • The Poole Marine Cluster project focuses on the identification of the Poole and Dorset marine cluster. The project includes the localisation and measurement of the cluster in Poole and Dorset (separately), with reference to a subset of industries and sectors. It also inscludes an in-depth analysis of specific value chains that reach out to the global or national market with the aim of identifying the opportunity to involve a larger number of SMEs in the supply chain driven by local lead companies.

The Department aims to facilitate the dissemination of research by staff members, research fellows and affiliates to the scientific community and the interested public through it's own Working Paper Series listed with RePEc. The papers are published electronically and are available online through the RePec platform