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Supporting excellence

Academic quality and standards

We take our responsibilities for academic quality assurance very seriously and do everything we can to support educational development and implement academic regulations, policies and procedures that ensure our courses remain of the highest standard. 

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance and enhancement framework has been informed by the UK Quality Code for HE, which was developed by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

Bournemouth University was the first English university to be commended for the quality of its student learning opportunities by the QAA for Higher Education.

Read the details of the QAA’s reviews of Bournemouth University and view the action plan (pdf 188kb) we formulated after the 2013 review.

Quality and standards

We have a dedicated team - the Academic Quality team - which is responsible for maintaining the policies, procedures and processes that assure high standards across our academic programmes.

This involves:

  • Developing policies and procedures for the design, delivery, assessment and monitoring of our academic programmes to assure standards and enhance the quality of provision
  • Supporting faculties and partners through the process of programme evaluation, periodic review, programme modifications, annual academic monitoring,  and partnership approvals and reviews
  • Processing appeals and academic complaints at the Central Review Stage and managing the process for University-level Academic Offences Boards
  • Servicing University Committees, including the Senate, Academic Standards Committee (ASC), International and UK Partnership Committee (IUPC) and Education and Student Experience Committee (ESEC)
  • Managing and overseeing the republication of the university's Academic Regulations, Policies and Procedures
  • Managing the university's engagements with external quality assurance bodies. 

External examiners

External examiners have a vital role in terms of helping us maintain our high academic standards and programme quality through the sharing of expertise and good practice, which helps inform our own internal Quality Assurance and Enhancement Framework. You can find further information here.

Programme specifications

One of the things that underpins the quality of the teaching at Bournemouth University is the information provided as part of our programme specifications. These are provided to students as part of their handbook and are the defining documentation for academic programmes and awards. They cover:

  • The aims of the programme
  • Intended learning outcomes
  • Curriculum content
  • Programme structure
  • Assessment methods
  • Learning and teaching methods
  • Progression opportunities
  • Assessment regulations
  • Admission regulations

A full programme specification is available to download on each individual course page. Current programme specifications for all of our courses are also available here.

Get in touch

All of this is facilitated through our Academic Quality team. If you have any questions about our academic quality and standards, please contact them.


Phone: +44 (0) 1202 961274