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Service Excellence

Service Excellence

Service Excellence can be difficult to define - after all, each department, job and person is different. However, we all know what Service Excellence should look and feel like and here at BU we work hard to embed Service Excellence into everything we do.

People are our greatest asset at BU and part of our BU2025 vision is to be recognised world-wide as a leading university for inspiring learning, advancing knowledge and enriching society through the fusion of education, research and practice.  We want to embed our values in our internal performance and development frameworks and in particular take action to recognise and support kindness, respect, a positive mind-set and a caring approach in all our staff. 

We have selected a number of key principles for delivering Service Excellence at the university, which are:

  • Partnership working
  • Empathy
  • Clear Communication
  • Responsiveness
  • Professionalism
  • Personalisation.

Annual Service Excellence Conference

Now in its 5th year this annual conference remains a firm fixture on the BU calendar showcasing some of the many examples of Service Excellence taking place at BU and beyond.

Each year we invite BU colleagues, colleagues from the Higher Education sector and local industry organisations to share their Service Excellence experiences and initiatives. Building lasting business relationships with local organisations, and taking inspiration from others is a great way to ensure that Service Excellence at BU continues to evolve and thrive.

The conference is incredibly well-received and provides a wonderful opportunity for staff from across the university to listen to a range of speakers and presentations, participate in a variety of workshops and network with members of staff from different departments. 

Take a look at the agenda for this year’s conference, which is themed around ‘Celebrity Service Excellence’ (pdf 500kb).

If your organisation would like to be involved in future conferences please contact Susanne Clarke.