At BU service excellence is our way of focusing on delivering an experience which is human centred where individuals feel uplifted, inspired and where everyone can flourish.

Our BU2025 vision is to be recognised world-wide as a leading university for inspiring learning, advancing knowledge and enriching society through the fusion of education, research and practice.

We aim to deliver on this by embedding a positive organisational culture through our BU values and our service excellence actions in our internal performance and development frameworks.

To ensure we have a positive impact on our environment, on others and on ourselves, therefore improving everyone’s experience, we have developed the following service excellence actions as a way to signal the attitudes and behaviours that align with our values. We particularly take action to recognise, support and celebrate kindness, respect, a positive mind-set and a caring approach in all our BU community.

Our service level ACTIONS

Always making a great BU impression
  • We aim to make everyone feel welcome at BU​
  • We want everyone to have a great experience​
  • We are proud of our BU brand
Consideration, kindness & a caring approach
  • We value being part of a diverse BU community​
  • We celebrate achievements and are positive role models​
  • We care for our environment and our wider community
Taking a positive outlook in all we do and all we say
  • We are passionate advocates of our BU values of excellence, inclusivity, responsibility and creativity​
  • We keep a positive mindset
  • We love what we do at BU to enrich society and advance knowledge
Inspired to make others feel special
  • We work hard to respond to the specific needs of others to make every interaction count​
  • We choose to build effective relationships whilst achieving our tasks​
  • We aim to inspire learning with creativity and a personalised approach
Opportunities to make things right
  • We are adaptable and flexible, striving for continuous improvement​
  • We ask for and respond positively to feedback​
  • We are inclusive and take a proactive approach to understand different perspectives, and we use this knowledge to develop a personalised approach
Nurturing relationships leaving an exceptional lasting BU impression
  • We embody our BU values
  • We build trusting and lasting relationships​
  • We ensure everyone feels that they belong to our BU community
Service excellence is what we do with our head, hand & heart

We choose to work with our head, hand & heart as areas of equal importance, interrelated to each other to deliver service excellence in everything we do.