The rich variety of nature provides us with the food we eat, the air we breathe and countless moments of personal inspiration spent in forests and gardens, exploring beaches and rivers, or listening to a simple birdsong in a quiet moment.

Many of these can be enjoyed on our doorstep – Dorset has a wealth of beautiful outdoor spaces for us all to explore, from the Dorset heathland, the Purbecks and the beaches of the Jurassic Coast, to the New Forest and the local Bourne Valley nature reserve.   

At BU, sustainability is a key component when undergoing works to improve our estate. This involves increasing biodiversity around our campuses and taking inspiration from the non-human world to live in harmony with nature.

All our new buildings have integrated biodiversity net gain features, such as green roofs and bird boxes. Our Fusion Building even has living trees inside and a colony of bees on its roof! 

What can I do?

Houseplants can improve air quality and our wellbeing. Peace lilies, snake plants and aloe vera are great ones to start with
Keep our parks and beach clean by litter picking. Whether by yourself, or an event led by SUBU's Beach Champions, let's keep our spaces beautiful
The Big Garden Birdwatch, Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Big Butterfly Count are examples of nature surveys that rely on citizen scientists: so you can contribute to research and have fun!