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Travel and transport

At the heart of BU’s Travel Plan is the sustainable travel hierarchy. 

It identifies that active travel options including walking and cycling are the most preferable options in the hierarchy, followed by use of public transport and lift-sharing with single occupancy car use at the bottom. BU shapes its Travel Plan with this in mind and encourages all students and staff to move up the hierarchy to a more sustainable mode of transport wherever possible.

Active travel

Active travel including walking and cycling are the most sustainable options but most importantly they are also great fun, great for your health, and even your mood!

BU has a Bicycle User Group and Walking User Group which students and staff are encouraged to get involved with. Members of these groups benefit from access to discounts at local participating retailers through their free Dorset Cyclists' Network membership, while lights and locks are available to buy through SUBU. BU has supported the groups by giving out high visibility equipment, lights, walking poles and pedometers. The groups also play an important role in lobbying the university and council to improve facilities for active travel users both on campus and around Bournemouth. As well as this, BU has supported the setting up of a staff-led active walking group, providing Nordic walking poles, pedometers and high visibility umbrellas. 

If you want to cycle at university but don’t have a bike, the BU By Bike Scheme allows you to hire a bike for a term or the whole academic year. By subscribing to BU By Bike you get access to a bike, free regular bike checks, and support and advice from local bike charity Hope2Cycle. You can also use the local bike sharing scheme, Beryl Bikes. With bays around the university and Bournemouth, the pay-as-you-go system means cycling has never been easier.

Public transport

BU has great public transport links by bus and rail.

The university runs its own UNIBUS service. Details about routes, timetables and fares can be found on the UNIBUS web page. Other bus services include More Bus and the Yellow Buses.

Furthermore, BU’s Lansdowne campus is a five-minute walk from Bournemouth train station and can be reached by the UNIBUS service from Talbot campus.

Lift sharing

BU encourages staff and students to lift share where possible. Staff members are encouraged to join the online BU Liftshare matching service.

How to get involved

  • Take a look at the local cycle routes and find out more about our bike doctor service.
  • Join the BU Cycling User Group or Walking User Group.
  • Try out walking or cycling between campuses.
  • Have a ride on a Unibus.
  • Become a lift sharer.
Walking on campus


Find out more about walking to BU and how we can support you.



Discover why Bournemouth is a great place to cycle and read about the various ways BU helps you to save money and start to cycle. 

BU bus

Public transport

Find out more about the specially provided Unibus service as well as local bus and rail services to make travelling to BU easier for you.