Chris’ career in watch design has been marked by a commitment to creativity and innovation, which has allowed him to lead change in the industry. When he was appointed as the Lead Watch Designer at Rotary Watches in 2021, his task was to introduce a new product line and attract a new audience, which required him to innovate the brand.

Chris Rackett, BU graduate and highly commended in the Advancing Knowledge Award category 2023

To date, he has produced three complete watch collections which are now being sold in the UK and around the world. These collections have helped to bring Rotary back into the limelight as a provider of affordable, value-for-money watches with a touch of Swiss luxury. In recognition of his achievements, he was named a finalist for the Retail Jewellers 30 under 30 Rising Star Award and helped Rotary Watches win the UK Jewellery Awards Watch Brand of the Year for 2022.

Chris said, “Being highly commended for the Advancing Knowledge Award holds great personal and professional meaning to me. This acknowledgment not only validates the hard work and commitment I have put into my craft but also highlights the impact of my contributions to the field that I have been working in for several years.”  

“My time at university had a substantial impact on me. I was quite a shy person at school, but BU made me feel so supported that it helped me to become a more outgoing and confident person, which I believe set me up for my career. I have to present my design work to people on a regular basis, which can feel very exposing for an artist, and I would never have contemplated being able to do that back in secondary school.”  

“If I can share any advice with students it would be to get out of your comfort zone. I live by the saying ‘get comfortable being uncomfortable’ because once you are, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.”