Through his career, Sa’id has made remarkable contributions to addressing societal challenges. Inclusivity is a core value that Sa’id consistently supports. As CEO of Initative for Aid and Educational Development (IAED), Sa’id designs and monitors educational programs for children from low-income households, reflecting his dedication to ensuring quality education for underprivileged communities.

Sa'id Haruna, BU graduate and Highly commended in the International Award category

Sa’id has designed and implemented a social and community development programme – the Specialised Advanced Learning Programme – which supports his commitment to inclusivity and equal access to education.

By empowering students, including those with disabilities, Sa’id has made a significant impact on academic and social skills within under-served communities.

Sa’id commented, “To be highly commended after graduating from BU means a lot and I hope it will serve as an additional opportunity for continuous collaborations with the university, its students and other alumni.”

“I believe my time at BU contributed positively to my career, though maybe not in the most obvious way. Studying in an environment that is thousands of miles away from your home, at a relatively young age, requires a certain level of adaptability and open mindedness, which I believe if you accept, will help you settle, learn, and apply yourself very well. This experience has since gone a long way in helping further develop my interpersonal skills and has helped me with embracing change and welcoming continuous improvement in both personal and professional contexts.”

“The possibilities at university are endless; you need to be open-minded, open to learning and to change, because clichéd as it sounds, change is constant.”