The centre will promote academic research, build on existing works, create new research networks, build capacity and support user engagement through a series of thought-provoking discussions which will aim to examine cross cutting developments in trade and development within post-Brexit UK, the European Union, emerging markets and the transition economies of Eastern Europe & Central Asia.

Centre Aims & Objectives

The centre will address its aims and objectives by deploying a multi-stage transdisciplinary approach that will feed into policy making by:

  • creating a centre of excellence for the study of trade and financial flows;
  • considering the economic impact of globalisation & economic transition;
  • developing critical perspectives on the influence of neoliberalism and the political, financial and legal mechanisms involved in trade agreements; and
  • providing viewpoints on the effect of foreign direct investment (FDI) on state infrastructure development in the context of corporate state capture.

When addressing aims, the centre will capitalise on its expertise and wide international contact in the field of transition economics. 

Research Themes

The centre will initially focus on the following six research themes:

  • The study of international trade and regulatory controls post-Brexit specifically that could determine the consequences of the different potential Brexit scenarios in the longer term, with an ancillary objective of research aimed specifically at the South West of England.
  • UK free trade agreements in a post Brexit world.
  • The consequences of globalisation and the influence of global production networks on national welfare in the OECD community of nations and the transition economies of Eastern Europe.
  • The economic and welfare effect on the increasing state capture of the transition economies of Eastern Europe.
  • The effect of financialisation banking and the availability of liquidity for SMEs in the light of evidence of market failure.
  • Central banks and digital currency.

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