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Nursing for long-term health

Nursing for long-term health

Managing people with long term conditions is a significant challenge for the UK and global health community. As the largest professional group in health care, nursing has a major role to play. For some time, nurse colleagues at Bournemouth University have been researching leadership, workforce development and value-based nurse education, as well as issues pertaining to long-term conditions such as cancer and chronic obstructive airway disease (COPD).

Our research centre is known as N4LTH and brings together academics and practice-based colleagues with passion, expertise and reputation in nurse education and research for impact on patient benefit and the preparation of a resilient workforce to support healthy communities. It is led by a core group of very experienced researchers with high-level collaborations nationally and internationally.

The overall aim of the research centre is to contribute to the knowledge base, informing the nursing management of long-term health challenges, a rapidly growing aspect of contemporary health care.

Research themes

Our research impacts on theory, education and professional practice and falls under four broad categories:

  • Nursing leadership and workforce,
  • Fundamental clinical care practices,
  • Evidence-based nurse education,
  • Palliative and end of life care.

Latest news from Nursing for long-term health

New paper published in Nurse Education Today!

The scoping review, “Closing the gap on nurse retention: A scoping review of implications for undergraduate education”, explored the literature for connections between nursing and social work undergraduate education and post-qualification retention.