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EROGamb: Enabling Responsible Online Gambling

EROGamb: Enabling Responsible Online Gambling

This project is hosted by The Engineering and Social Informatics research group (ESOTICS) in the Department of Computing and Informatics and funded jointly by  GambleAware and Bournemouth University.

The project is titled Empowering Responsible Online Gambling with Predictive, Real-time, Persuasive and Interactive Intervention and led by Prof. Raian Ali. The overall cost of the project is £118,136 and it is match-funded by Bournemouth University. 

In this project, we aim to design software and research facilities which retrieve the gambling history of subscribed gamblers and help them visualise this in various forms to inform their decisions on their gambling behaviour. We also attempt to implement various software-assisted behaviour-change mechanisms to try and reduce problem gambling. To this end, we work on enabling gamblers to establish plans to manage their gambling and enforce these plans through different persuasive techniques including goal setting and self-monitoring.

We will also analyse historical gambling data and responses to performance feedback and complement that with qualitative research to derive gambling profiles and behavioural patterns. This is meant to help an informed decision on which goals and plans to recommend to a particular subscribed gambler and predict their acceptance level.

We organised a national workshop involving responsible gambling representatives from a wide range of gambling operators and charities as well as gambling experts aiming to produce a manifesto for a policy change in relation to online gambling and the necessity of offering software facilities to enable a more informed decisions of gamblers via the gambling site or third party applications networking with it.

The project is conducted through a close collaboration with GambleAware and a range of charities and responsible gambling offices in the UK.

EROGamb has won the Best Project Award at ICE Totally Gaming – Research Exchange Event. The Project has been invited to the Public Policy Exchange – Westminster Events in London and iGB Live Elevator Event in Amsterdam.

This work has been featured by a wide range of media, e.g.  The Naked Scientists and Digital Mindfulness and iGaming Times and Bloomberg Opinion and The Conversation and Tech World. The team was interviewed also by media including BBC Cambs, ABC Australia and talkRADIO.

EROGamb is part of our Digital Addiction initiative meant to enable a healthier and well-informed usage of technology.

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A simplified version of EROgamb architecture is displayed in the below figure:

EROGamb infographic

BU academics talk about how technology is being developed to engage with online gamblers behaviour in a bid to improve public health

An explanation of how the EROGamb app works


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