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Award certificates

If your award certificate has been lost, defaced or destroyed, and you wish to obtain a replacement, please refer to the list of awarding bodies below for the relevant instructions.


Requests for replacement certificates usually take ten working days to be processed. However, during the period prior to the award ceremonies there may be lengthy delays in providing replacements. The periods of the year that are affected are September - November. If you need to submit a request during this time - please ensure you contact us, so we can advise more accurately, when we will be able to action your request.


Replacements have precisely the same standing as the original which they replace, are produced in the format currently in use and cannot be a facsimile copy of the original. The current charge for the issue of a replacement certificate is £30.00.

Awarding bodies

Pearson / EDEXCEL (formerly BTEC) Awards (prior to 1992)

Requests for Replacement HNC and HND Certificates, Notifications of Performance and Continuing Education Certificates (i.e. Certificate in Management Studies) for BTEC awards made prior to 1992 should be made directly to Pearson.

Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA)

Bournemouth Polytechnic/Dorset Institute/Dorset Institute of Higher Education (Prior to 1992)
The Further and Higher Education Act 1992 abolished the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA). The Open University Validation Services is authorised to have care and custody of CNAA records for the purposes of authenticating original award documents or copies of them and providing verification of entries in the records.

Alternatively, Bournemouth University can produce certification, in the current format, clearly stating that the award was conferred in the authority of the Royal Charter of the Council for National Academic Awards, and the document has been prepared and authenticated from the original records now held in the custody of Bournemouth University.

Southampton University Awards

Including Weymouth College of Teacher Training
We do not hold any records of the Southampton University Awards including those from the Weymouth College of Teacher Training. Please contact Southampton University direct for further information.

London University Awards (from 1947 to 1976)

We are unable to produce replacement certificates for London University Awards made between 1947 and 1976. For all enquiries relating to London University Awards, please contact them.