Any IT security incidents or data breaches, however big or small, should be reported to IT Services. They will then investigate and record the breach following the proper procedures. This will enable us to learn from our mistakes and reduce the number of incidents in future. 

By reporting an incident such as phishing, you can help to prevent further cyber-attacks on other BU users. Sometimes, it may only need one compromised BU email account to further attack other BU users or launch a sophisticated and hard-to-detect phishing campaign. Please be very cautious of any emails that ask you to disclose personal information or your BU login details, as well as common scams offering online vouchers, cheap branded items, an HMRC rebate, or a fake job offering.  

A data breach could include lost or stolen devices, a compromised mailbox or stolen printed documents with personal information. If you're worried that a data breach may have happened or you need to report a data breach, please call the IT Service Desk on 01202 965515 or freephone 0808 196 2332 from a mobile. 

If you have any data protection queries send an email to [email protected].