It’s so easy to accidentally share a lot about yourself on social media that can be used by the wrong people. There are two things we encourage you to do right now:

  1. Remove your birthday, middle names and address information from your bio - this will help stop people posing as you and contacting family and friends because you’ve spent your student loan in your first week.
  2. Check your privacy settings and location tracking – after Facebook and Twitter got a grilling, this should be really easy to do in popular social media apps. You won’t be able to stop people seeing your profile and news feed if you join public groups like selling pages though, so decide if you’re comfortable with that.

We also recommend that you use filters to cover up or blur out personal information in photos… Was your student number on the happy picture you’ve shared of your shiny new student ID card? Is your address on that cute letter from your family back home? Could someone work out your address from your photos and screen shots of from your running or exercise app?

As a part of the BU rules and regulations, we ask all students to adhere to the Student Disciplinary Procedure which includes social media activity.

This policy reminds students of their responsibility as members of the BU community and gives guidance on good social media conduct. It also helps to protect students who are subjected to abusive or derogatory content from other members of the BU community.

The policy has been updated to ensure that it reflects the latest changes in social media technology. If you have any questions about the policy please email [email protected].