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Helping you to keep safe

Report an accident or incident

At BU we take your safety and personal security very seriously indeed and we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment in which you can live and study. If you find yourself in an emergency situation on campus, please call 222 or from a mobile 01202 962222.

There's a range of security policies and procedures in place to ensure your safety including:

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  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year security team
  • CCTV and other appropriate security systems
  • Dedicated police officer working in liaison with BU security personnel with the emphasis being on crime prevention and advice
  • BU has achieved the nationally recognised accreditation ‘Secured Environments’ in recognition of its commitment to staff and student safety.

You can also read the practical security and personal safety advice from the BU Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Advice from Dorset Police

Bournemouth town centre boasts a vibrant and lively night time economy, but please take simple steps to make sure you stay safe:

  • stay with your friends on a night out - never walk home alone
  • and remember - the more alcohol you drink, the more vulnerable you become.

For more safety advice and tips please visit the Dorset Police website

Stay safe on campus and online

Crime reporting

Should you find yourself a victim of crime please collect and complete a crime reporting form from your nearest reception.

All crimes must be reported to Dorset Police and a crime number obtained, this should be included on the crime reporting form. This number will be required in order to facilitate any assistance from the Police or by your insurance company should you wish to claim.

Forms for Talbot Campus should be returned to Poole House reception, and for Lansdowne Campus to Studland House reception.

These forms are then passed to our security team for processing who will contact you directly.


BU Facilities Management will maintain the CCTV system to the standard of “Best Practice” in line with regulatory requirements. BU will only supply visual data to the Police if requested, in order to assist in the reduction and prevention of crime on campus and the immediate surrounding areas. Due to data protection considerations only the Police will be permitted to view relevant data.

Preventing radicalisation

It can be hard to know what to do if you’re worried someone close is expressing extreme views or hatred, which could lead to them harming themselves or others. Working with other organisations, the police protect vulnerable people from being exploited by extremists through a Home Office programme called Prevent.

Act early and tell us your concerns in confidence. You won’t be wasting our time and you won’t ruin lives, but you might save them. Visit the ACT Early website to find out more.

If you're concerned about any change in behaviour of a family member, friend or fellow student who you believe may be radicalised, you can raise any concerns you have with AskBU by calling 01202 969696 or emailing However, in an emergency, where you believe there is an immediate issue or danger, please call 999 and speak to the police. You should also report any online material that promotes terrorism or extremism on this government website.

Find out more about online radicalisation and how to spot the signs in others who may be susceptible to online grooming and radicalisation.

Keeping your bank account safe

If you think that your bank account may have been misused you should report this to your bank or to the police. You can also let us know as we can provide support and advice. There are organised crime groups who may try to use frauds and scams to target international or UK students' bank accounts. The best way to keep your bank account safe is to remain vigilant and question anything that seems unusual. Please ensure that you:

  • do not engage with suspicious activities
  • are being cautious
  • talk to your bank if you are concerned about activity linked to your bank account(s)
  • are aware of the serious consequences of involvement in criminal activity.

The British Council’s Creating Confidence guidance and the UKCISA website both contain helpful information for students.

Looking after your bike

Cycling is a cheap and sustainable form of travel, plus it's a great way to get to and from uni. If you're thinking about cycling to BU find out about the facilities we provide on campus to help keep your bike safe.

Find out more

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Sexual assault and hate crime

Help and advice if you, or someone you know, has been a victim of sexual assault or harassment, or a hate crime or incident.

Fire safety advice

Fire safety advice

Make sure that you are aware of the importance of fire safety on campus.