Key information

Accidents and incidents can include a wide range of scenarios i.e. near misses, incidents requiring first aid or medical treatment.

In an emergency, call 01202 962222 from a mobile, or 222 from an internal landline.

If you're deaf/hard of hearing or speech impaired you can use the emergency SMS/Text: 80999 or non-emergency SMS/Text: 67101 for off campus incidents. Please note: you'll need to register your mobile phone first to use this service.

If you need to report an accident, incident or near-miss please use the online form

The form will be automatically submitted to the Health, Safety & Wellbeing team, and you will also receive a copy of the completed form via email.

BU is legally required to record and report various categories of accident and incidents to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). We can then investigate the cause of the accident or incident and help to prevent a recurrence. 

All information provided as part of the accident and incident report is treated as confidential, with only relevant anonymous information shared with areas who are involved in either the investigation or in the remedial works process (e.g. Student Services and Estates). 

Further information 

All reports are forwarded confidentially to the Health, Safety & Wellbeing team who are responsible for making the statutory reports to the HSE (or other relevant enforcing authority). Decisions on whether these are reportable will be based upon the information supplied from the online report and on any subsequent investigations. 

The team also have a responsibility to ensure that accident/incident records are regularly reviewed and statistics collated for the University’s senior executive, all of which help to make BU a safer place for students, staff and visitors.