We are committed to sustainable travel and we encourage all our students, staff and visitors to consider alternatives to driving to BU campuses. There is no student parking at Talbot Campus, except for pre-approved permit holders, and no student parking at the Lansdowne Campus.

Instead, there are excellent local buses, including our very own UNIBUS service which connects our campuses and popular student residential areas, as well as bike compounds on both campuses and at all halls of residence for those who cycle. Lansdowne Campus is also close to Bournemouth train and coach station for further travel.

Permit eligibility at Talbot Campus

Bournemouth University parking permits are only available for the Talbot Campus and for those students who meet certain eligibility criteria. You will be eligible to apply once your online Bournemouth University registration has been completed each year, usually in August.

As part of the application process, you will need to agree to comply with the car parking terms and conditions (pdf 114kb) and meet our eligibility criteria. If you feel you meet the criteria, please apply online as soon as you are able. You will need to re-apply each year.

If you change your car during the academic year, you must register your new car online.

Parking at Talbot Campus

A permit is needed to park at the Talbot Campus all year, between the hours of 7am–4pm, Monday to Friday. You cannot park on campus without a permit during these times, including out of term-time. We now use an 'e-permit' system to provide improved management and enforcement of our car parks. This means automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology is being used to validate vehicles authorised to park in university car parks.

You can register two vehicle registration plates, but only one registered vehicle is permitted to park on a BU car park at any one time.

Students with a motorcycle are required to register your bike details online.

For more information read our Student Parking FAQs (pdf 114kb).

Parking Charge Notice

Should any breaches of the parking terms and conditions occur, the university (or a subcontractor on its behalf) will place on the vehicle a Parking Charge Notice. A Parking Charge Notice will incur an additional parking charge of up to £70. If payment is made within 14 days then the charge is reduced to £40. If payment is not received within 35 days, then action may be taken to recover the full cost of the additional parking charge plus any other reasonable costs incurred, including County Court costs.

Be green

Remember, using the buscycling or walking can be good for your wellbeing, is environmentally friendly and helps to reduce stress on the local road system. To find out more about sustainability at BU, visit our sustainability webpages.