Assessments happen throughout the year and will vary for your course - check your programme handbook on Brightspace for specific details and dates. Your main exams will take place at the end of semester one (January) and two (May/June) each year, and resit exams take place during August. 

The process for deciding your results is the same as at any other university, where we schedule Assessment Boards to review all results for each course. Your Programme Support Officer will be able to provide you the dates of these Assessment Boards to give you a good idea of when you can expect your results.

You will receive your results by email to your BU student email address, so please check this. We've put together an Assessments FAQs webpage to provide further details about what your results mean. If you have a query regarding your result, you should refer to your Programme Support Officer in the first instance. If you are unsure who this is, you can check on Brightspace, or contact AskBU.

If your results show you have been given an award, we'll formally congratulate you at a graduation ceremony in November, which is when we’ll give you your award certificate. However, as soon as your results have been published and shared with you, you can update your CV and tell future employers/ placement providers - you don’t need to wait to receive your certificate to do this.