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Rules of guest membership

Guest membership unavailable until further notice. Please check Library services - April 2021 onwards for further information.

  1. All visitors wishing to use the Library must register at the Library Help Zone.
  2. Individuals applying for membership are required to show two forms of identification, one of which must show proof of address. Proof of address is not required from SCONUL Access members or students on BU validated courses, as other specific forms of ID are required (as listed under "Membership types").
  3. Individuals applying for membership should provide a passport size photograph to affix to the Library membership card.
  4. The Head of Library Services and University Librarian reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant.
  5. A signed application for membership signifies that the member agrees to abide by the University Library Rules (pdf 300kb).
  6. An application by a company or other corporate body must be signed by the Company Secretary or person of equivalent status. This signature will represent the company and the company, rather than the individual, will be responsible for material borrowed on that card.
  7. All borrowers will be held responsible for any Library accounts in their name and for any fines that are levied. Details of current fines and charges are available at all sites.
  8. Membership cards must be carried at all times whilst on University premises and must bear a photograph of the card holder.
  9. A fee of £5 will be payable to replace a lost membership card.
  10. The fee for Subscription membership may be changed from year to year.
  11. Food and drink: Bottled or lidded drinks and cold snacks are permitted on all floors of the Library. The Sir Michael Cobham Library has a café vending area on the ground floor. Other refreshment areas are available in the Library Courtyard, Poole House and Bournemouth House.