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Guest and visitor information

January 2021 onwards: we regret that we are unable to offer access to the Library for BU alumni, external members or visitors. Physical distancing measures due to Covid-19 mean that space in the Library is much reduced and we are only able to provide library services to BU students and staff. Check details for Library Services - January 2021 onwards.

We welcome visitors to both The Sir Michael Cobham Library at Talbot Campus and to Weston Library which is on the gound floor of Bournemouth Gateway Building at Lansdowne Campus. We offer reference membership to members of the public which provides access to view our printed resources available on our Library Catalogue.

We also offer various external membership schemes which allow members to borrow books.

Where licences permit, access may also be granted to some of our electronic resources, from a dedicated computer in the library. For details and to apply, please see Walk-in guest access to electronic resources.

We are unable to grant access to our e-resources from other university computers or guests' own devices, due to the terms of our licence agreements with suppliers.

However, if you wish to connect to the internet for other purposes, using your own device, free Wi-Fi access is available via a partnership with a third party supplier, The Cloud. This commercial wireless solution is only recommended for limited internet usage such as email and browsing. 

Alternatively, if you are from an educational  institution which participates in eduroam, you can connect your laptop to the eduroam network from wireless access points at both campuses. More detail on wireless networks for visitors.

Please note that no animals may be brought into the libraries apart from registered assistance dogs.

Useful information

Membership types

We have a number of membership options for visitors who want to borrow books from our libraries.


As a guest you can still use our photocopiers, find out what you need to do and how much it costs to make copies.