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Patents & Standards

British Standards Online

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Restrictions on use
Access to British Standards Online is provided for educational purposes only. It must not be used for the purpose of University business processes (including but not limited to Health & Safety, Estate Management) or for monetary reward (including but not limited to knowledge transfer partnerships)

  • Subject coverage: British Standards (BS); British adopted European Standards (BS EN) and British adopted International Standards (BS ISO)
  • Type of content: British Standards
  • Level of access: full text.

Note for off campus use: the link above is the only off-campus access route for this resource.

BU staff/student login required for off-campus access (OALA).


>> Go to darts-ip

  • Subject coverage: legal database
  • Size/scope: Global intellectual property case law database. Contains decisions on patents, trade marks, domain names and designs & models from many jurisdictions. Updated daily
  • Type of content: legal materials
  • Level of access: full text.

Username and password required. Details available from the library area on Brightspace. Off-campus users will firstly need to input their University login followed by the darts-ip username and password

Espacenet - Patent Search

>> Go to Espacenet

  • Subject coverage: patents
  • Size/scope: European Patent Office database of over 70 million documents from all European countries, including Great Britain. Provides information about inventions and technical developments from 1836 to the present.

Patent Server: United States Patent and Trademark Office

>> Go to Patent Server US

  • Subject coverage: US patents
  • Type of content: patents, searchable by patent number to 1975 and by full text from 1975
  • Date range: 1790 onwards
  • Level of access: full text.