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How to download e-books to e-readers

In most cases, pages of the library's e-books can be downloaded as PDFs to personal computers. These files can then be uploaded to most e-readers. This is allowed up to the standard licensed allowance of 10% or one chapter of a book, whichever is the greater.

In some cases (but not all), entire e-books from Ebook Central Academic Complete are available to download for a specified loan period.

You can only download entire e-books to your personal desktop computer, laptop or mobile device, but not BU computers.

If you wish to download entire e-books you must first log in to Ebook Central. You will then be given the option to add the chosen book to your bookshelf, and from here you will be given the option to download it to your own desktop computer or e-reader device.

To access and read the e-book file you will need to have set up an account with Adobe Digital Editions which manages the e-book loan period. Here you can also find help for using the program and details of how to download.

You will also need to have the specific e-book management/reading software for your device. This will either be pre-installed or may be a third party app for certain mobile phones and devices.

 Library guide on how to download e-books to e-readers explains the above in more depth.

Can BU Library e-books be downloaded to personal e-readers and mobile devices?

Individual chapters are usually available for download. In some cases entire books may be downloaded for a certain period. Entire e-books can only be downloaded to personal computers and mobile devices not to BU computers.

Which e-books can you download?

At the moment, certain (but not all) e-books can be downloaded from Ebook Central Academic Complete.

How do you download an e-book from Ebook Central?

If an Ebook Central e-book is downloadable there will be an option to do so from the e-book itself. This option will be available whether you access the e-book directly through Ebook Central or link to it from the BU library catalogue.

You will need to be signed into Ebook Central via your BU username and password before you can download any e-books.

Once logged in you will be able to download the e-book file to your desktop computer, laptop, phone or e-reader.

To access this file, you must set up an account in Adobe Digital Editions which governs the loan period of the e-book.

You will then be able to transfer the e-book to your chosen device, either via Adobe Digital Editions or directly to your device once you have linked it to your Adobe Digital Editions account.

How long will you have the e-book on my device?

Ebook Central 14 days.

After this period it will automatically be removed from your device. You will be able to re-loan the e-book as long as nobody else requires it.