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Our promise to you

How to book accommodation

Accommodation Guarantee

There’s a lot to think about when you’re getting ready to start university. That’s why we try to make the process of choosing and booking accommodation as easy as possible.

In addition to the general support provided by our Residential Services team, we do this in two particular ways:

  • Our Accommodation Guarantee
  • Self-selection – a process designed to give you more choice

The Accommodation Guarantee

For January 2019 we guarantee accommodation for:

  • All students who hold an Unconditional Offer of study and have booked their accommodation by 9am on Monday 17th December 2018*

For September 2019 entry we guarantee accommodation for:

  • All undergraduate students who have selected BU as their firm choice, have submitted their UCAS application by midnight on 30 June 2019, or by midnight on 4 July 2019 for UCAS Extra applications and hold an Unconditional Firm offer of study*
  • All postgraduate students who hold an Unconditional Offer of study and have booked their accommodation by 8am on Thursday 15 August 2019*

​* other terms and conditions might apply


When you come to choose and secure your accommodation, you’ll do so via two simple stages in our online Accommodation Portal.

The self-selection system we use is geared around giving you more choice and control of where you will be living. In contrast to other universities, we won’t just allocate you a room in a hall of our choosing; instead, you have the opportunity to view all the options available when you're eligible to book. Simply go online, review what's available, select your room, check all the information and, when you're ready, go on and complete the booking. Simple.

Find out more about the booking process.