Bournemouth University student Olivia Broadrick

BU student Olivia Broadrick, studying BA (Hons) Advertising 

“Having a mentor at Amigo Loans that is BU Alumni has greatly benefitted my placement year experience. It's provided me with a role model that is both career-driven and has not only respect for the education system but BU itself. Lizzie undertakes more than just a managerial role. I'm not only pushed to work hard as an employee but I'm always encouraged to further myself as an individual.”

“Lizzie has provided me with as much opportunity as she can, in order to supplement my experience as a placement student and is always looking for ways I can learn new skills to take back to my final year at BU. I feel having someone to mentor me that has once been in my shoes has been the biggest contribution to my placement year as it means having someone who genuinely cares and can relate to your experiences. It's fair to say that I didn't expect to have a manager who has strived for me to succeed as much as Lizzie – and for that, I'm truly grateful.”

Elizabeth Collins, Marketing Manager at Amigo Loans. Studied BA (Hons) Public Relations

“As someone who undertook an industry placement myself with BU, I know first-hand just how valuable they are – both to the student and the employer. The experience I gained during my placement, combined with the skills I learned while at BU, has greatly prepared me for working life and have allowed me to get great exposure in marketing, advertising and project management roles.”

“When I became Marketing Manager of the Marketing team at Amigo in summer 2018, one of the first things I set in motion was opening up a role in the team for a BU placement student. Olivia has been a great addition to the team and instrumental in several high profile projects.”