Ella Watson, BSc (Hons) Psychology, placement at Tottenham Hotspur Foundation

I’ve never been one to have a great amount of self-belief, always considering myself an average student of middling grades, but with one day the hope I would go into a good, rewarding job.

A placement year appealed because I thought a year’s experience would benefit me in the future – I would give myself an advantage and get a good reference for when I left university.

My placement year was at the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation – a not-for-profit organisation set up by the Premier League club to work in the communities of north London – and it far exceeded my expectations. Because of it, I find myself excited and motivated to gain my degree to help me excel in the professional world.

I'm now passionate about my dissertation and am making the most of the contacts I made on my placement.

I never thought working at a football club would give me such a life-changing experience. Football (whether you’re a fan or not) is a powerful thing. It has the potential to bring people together and engage those in vulnerable positions.

I was able to maximise the opportunities I was given, such as managing my own project, by being flexible and forward thinking. For example, the Match Day Volunteer Kiosk involved me coordinating 194 volunteers and 76 staff volunteers over the course of 19 Premier League games.

I was involved in all aspects of the foundation, from drafting and sending out press releases to working with first team players on Sky Sports.

I’ve laughed, cried and learnt so much. To say it’s been a rewarding experience is an understatement.

It’s given me the opportunity to develop myself and having a manager and team who allowed me to be creative and express myself has helped transform my self-confidence – giving me an ambition and drive to succeed that would not have been there without a placement year.

Ella Watson

“I’ve laughed, cried and learnt so much. To say it has been a rewarding experience is an understatement.”

Ella Watson

Ella has demonstrated all the qualities any employer would want – flexible, resilient when presented with challenges, innovative, supportive, a strong work ethic… She has become a member of our family and we would welcome her back at any time in the future, once her studies are complete.” Tottenham Hotspur Foundation