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She does what most of my opponents do, which is to cut weight for the day before weigh-in. I walk around in the lowest weight category and always fight bigger opponents, I hit far harder than my weight.

Denise Castle

This fight will be for the WBC Silver World Title Belt staged at the Habtoor Resort on 26 March 2022 Versus the current WBC Asia Champion from the weight category below - Norj Guro from the Philippines.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to be the first professional boxer to bring a WBC title back to Bournemouth and inspire more people to follow their dreams and work towards them. Working within the Bournemouth University Sports Department, I am surrounded by like-minded fitness professionals and athletes and I need that vibe! Being a full-time mother to three children, I have to be very organised to be able to balance the work/training/family time so that everything complements each other and keeps me in a positive mental position.

To win this would be a dream come true, I can’t put into words what it would mean to me. As with every fight, the closer it gets, the worse the anxiety and nerves! I just want to get in and fight now! I am going out there with my coach who is my husband and our family will remain at home and watch it on TV with friends.

If you see me around uni this week, give me a high five and shoot me some luck.

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