BU Sports Scholar, Ashlegh Doyle, has had an extremely successful year this year with an inspirational portfolio of achievements.

Balancing a dedicated athletic development programme with full-time education in Sports Exercise and Science at Bournemouth University, Ashleigh is an example of just how far a student can go and achieve. Especially with the added struggles of coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions at the beginning of the academic year.

What a year it has been:

BUCS Trampolining Individuals Winner - Top Level
English Champs qualifier. Finals in Oct/Nov 22
British Champs qualifier. Coming 2nd to Silver Tokyo Olympic medallist

Representing TeamGB

Ashleigh was a late starter in trampolining at the age of 15, but through determination and commitment has already achieved so much. She moved to BU to study for her BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science but also to gain access to training with National Coach Brian Camp at the training facility in OLGA Poole.

In July 2022, she won Gold in the senior women trampoline event, representing TeamGB at the international Scalabis Cup competition.

Ashleigh’s first-hand account of BUCS Individual Championship

“I Matt, George, Tilly, and Fran all drove up together on the Friday for the BUC INdividual Championships and were excited for the weekend to come. We kick-started the Saturday with a 6am wake-up as Tilly and Fran were both the first flights of the day with an 8.30am warm-up time. Matt was helping out officiating for the whole weekend, I stuck with Fran and George went with Tilly.

“Fran was very nervous as she had a wobble earlier on in the week in training and was going to pull out of the competition. She managed to pull out two whole routines which she was very chuffed about! Tilly also managed to perform two very good, confident routines. We were very proud of them both!

“Just next door to the competition, in the same building, was some sort of alpaca show, in which there must’ve been at least 200 alpacas, which we just had to go and explore. After our alpaca encounter, we headed back to the hotel and explored the gym and swimming pool. After a long day, another early start for us on the Sunday followed. I woke up nice and early and was feeling pretty good. I met my coach and Jess who came to support me and got ready for warm-up.

It was a great weekend, we had fun and it was a great experience to be representing Bournemouth University as a team.

“My warm-ups weren’t the best. However, I wasn’t phased and felt focused and determined going into the competition. While I did not manage to complete my first routine, my second routine went really well, meaning I went into the final in the first place. The finals warm-up began and was going really well. I was last on to compete, so finally, after a long wait and witnessing the girls before me complete lovely routines it was my turn. As I was jumping I felt the nerves disappear and I felt strong. My routine was going well, so I decided to add an upgraded skill to increase my difficulty.

“I managed to complete the 10 skills, chuffed! Once I found out I had won I was so pleased and excited not to mention relieved! All this time waiting and it wasn’t for nothing. We waited until the award ceremony right at the end but it was all worth it and we came home with a gold. After a long and successful weekend, I think it’s safe to say the car journey home was definitely a lot quieter.

“It was a great weekend, we had fun and it was a great experience to be representing Bournemouth University as a team. Obviously a big thanks to Matt for helping officiate, to George for driving and supporting, and thanks to Tilly and Fran for being the best cheerleaders ever!”

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