BU sports scholar Izzy Sperry wins silver at the BUCs Championships

Izzy takes us through taking home a weightlifting silver at the BUCS Championships.

Izzy Sperry during a lift with a bar weight

“On 12 April 2022, I competed at my first BUCS Championships, my first competition representing Bournemouth University.

“I was unable to compete at BUCS during my first year of study due to a back injury, so I was definitely looking forward to being able to compete this year.

“I've always loved competition days, but this one was made that bit more exciting by my brand new Bournemouth University singlet.

“I will openly say that it was not the result I was hoping for, but nevertheless it was still a day to be proud of and I lifted as well as I could on the day, just falling a few kg short of first place.

“However, I am still very chuffed with my silver BUCS medal and look forward to competing again next year.”

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