On 15 September 2018, I competed in my last British U23 National Weightlifting Championship.

I made a promising start in the 62kg class, opening my snatch with 88kg. I then attempted 92kg which I wasn’t successful in lifting.

My final attempt was at 95kg, which would not only put me in first place but I would also win the snatch part of the competition.

While I managed to get the bar overhead, I couldn’t stabilise it and ended up dropping the bar.

Unhappy with my snatch, I went into the clean and jerk with a new motivation. I opened high with 105kg which was a successful lift. My second attempt was a more convincing 108kg (and a personal best). My final attempt of the competition was a 112kg clean and jerk which I wasn’t successful in lifting.

While my performance in this competition wasn’t what I was hoping for, I did come second and walked away with a silver medal.

Watch Elliott in action at the U23 National Weightlifting Championships.

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Elliott Brown

BU graduate

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