SportBU: Ellie Worrall (June 2022)

Kent Judo Internationals

“In June, I competed at the Kent Internationals, in the senior (over 21) u57kg category. I managed to take home a bronze despite picking up an injury early on.

“I had some long, tough fights, winning some and losing some. In the fights I lost, I went to full time (four minutes) and I was happy with how I held out and persevered with some higher-level opponents.

“Getting used to a new weight class is challenging as my opponents are now stronger and heavier than I'm used to, so it's all a learning curve. I used new techniques I've been developing in training to win fights & score against my opponents. I'm feeling stronger in this category and excited to see how I can progress.

“I'm trying to find an osteopath down here but have had no luck and have decided to pull out of national teams which is such a shame as I was very happy to be selected! But I don't want to prolong the injury any further.”

Southern Area Inter-Counties

“In May, I also competed in the Southern Area Inter-Counties, my first time competing in a heavier weight class (U57kg), and I came away with Gold for the senior dan grade (black belt) Sussex team, winning my fights for Ippon and getting 20 more points towards my second dan.

“I've been training lots at the club in Ringwood and I can’t express just how much it has really helped my judo ability grow. I journeyed to Cardiff a few weeks back for a national training day and a competition. I am also competing in the Kent international, which will be good to try my new weight at a higher-level competition. The senior competitions have just started back after Covid, so I am trying to do as many as possible.”

Ringwood Judo Club Fearless Female Fighters Inter-Counties Competitions

Ellie competed at her first proper competition in two years last weekend, representing Sussex judo at U57kg in the Senior Dan Grade team. Ellie fought well, winning her contests with superb throws against some top-level opponents, assisting the team to take the Gold overall. Having not seen Ellie compete for years, I was impressed at how well she fought and her dedication to continue her fitness and technical training whilst at university really shone through, well done Ellie! - Coach, Sussex Country Judo Manager & IJF referee, Lisa Rivers

Fantastic effort shown throughout the whole competition, I was pleased to see Ellie trying new set-ups and techniques which led to her winning her contests. Ellie looked strong and dominated her opponents. Such positive judo throughout! - Coach, Clare Bowie