Bournemouth is a thriving town on the beautiful south coast of England, and is home to nearly 190,000 people. It’s easy to find your way around, and its less than two hours from London with direct trains to Waterloo, good transport connections and an airport.

Famous for its sandy beach, Bournemouth is home to vibrant nightlife, international cuisine, an array of watersports – and a Premier League football team. In the surrounding area, you'll find the UNESCO World Heritage Jurassic Coast, the beautiful New Forest and waterfront towns like Poole and Christchurch. Further information can be found on our local area pages. 

You may wish to rent or buy a house, flat or bedsit / studio apartment depending on how much space you and your family may need. Shared accommodation (renting with other people) can be a good temporary arrangement as it is one of the most cost-efficient ways to rent. Further details of the different types of properties available in the UK (eg, semi-detached houses, flat, etc) can be found on the British Council Euraxess United Kingdom website.

You may find the web-sites listed below helpful in order to find either temporary, or long term accommodation:

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The area you wish to live in will depend on your personal preferences and circumstances. You may wish to take into consideration the following:

Your colleagues may also be able to offer useful information and advice on Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, and other matters such as schools, childcare, cost of living, public transport, commuting times, shops and other facilities.

The following links provide further information about attractions and events happening in the local area and wider region: