Those experiencing relocation often go through a period of transition and re-adjustment.  The Bournemouth University webpages provide some insights into the UK culture and cultural transition which you may find useful.

It is normal to have ups and downs when moving to a new country. Different phases may occur while you are re-adjusting, these are outlined below:

  • Elation or the ‘honeymoon’ period - when everything seems new and exciting
  • Re-adjustment - when people compare the new country with the one they have just left, often only remembering the good things about the latter
  • Transformation - usually occurs after nine months to a year and involves an appreciation of the new location whilst remaining slightly critical
  • Integration - involves acceptance of the benefits of living in the new country and an appreciation of one's own cultural roots, so a balance is restored.

Difficulties can occur when people remain in the second or third phase, thus finding it difficult to settle. If you or a family member is finding it difficult to adjust to life in Britain, you may want to consider different sources of support available:

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

For free and confidential help, advice and support (including counselling) 24/7 on any matter, (work, home or personal), you can access the Employee Assistance Programme via telephone or as an online resource.

Faith & Reflection Service

There is a multi-faith BU Chaplaincy available to support staff of all faiths to offer pastoral care and spiritual support.  Further details are available on the University’s Faith & Reflection Service website.

You may also wish to discuss any concerns you have with your line manage or a colleague in your department.