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Employability PALS

BU’s peer-assisted learning – or PAL – scheme fosters cross year support for students. PAL leaders are current students who are recruited and trained to support other students and year groups in particular areas of their university experience, such as active learning or placements.

The Employability PAL scheme was introduced to support BU's commitment to giving every student the opportunity to do a placement as part of their course. The scheme allows students to work with those in the year above, on placement-related topics ranging from the recruitment process to professionalism in the workplace.

The scheme has really gathered momentum in the last year, culminating in 100 PAL placement leaders, trained and available to offer guidance and advice to second years, during the 2016/17 academic year.

The scheme is a fantastic opportunity for final year students to put the skills, insights and experience they have gained during their time in a work placement, to good use by supporting the next wave of placement students.

Carly Lamont, who leads FLIE’s ‘Employability and Work-based Learning theme’ said: “This scheme was developed to support employability and the placement experience by preparing students for a work placement and sharing experiences on developing professional behaviours.​ It has been so well received and the PAL Leaders have said how rewarding it is to give something back and to share their experiences with their peers.”