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Synergy spaces

These rooms offer the opportunity for student groups to work together on projects, scenarios, case studies, small presentations, live link-ups and other forms of group work around tables with a PC and screen for each group.

Features of the synergy spaces

  • Eight or more group tables spaced around the room
  • Each table has a digital screen which connects to a central screen at the front
  • Screens can be controlled to present the same message to each group or different ones to individual groups
  • Lecturer can move between groups easily to facilitate discussion
  • Groups can capture the results of their work on their individual screens
  • Work can then be shown back to all groups
  • This inclusive learning process encourages all students to contribute ideas.

Using the synergy spaces

This space allows a student group to break up and be brought back together promoting parallel working across and among groups. The lecturer retains oversight and guides learning by responding, summarising and guiding plenary inputs.

These spaces are great for real-time knowledge co-creation: student groups can experiment, hold focus sessions and see results there and then.

Applying the principles elsewhere

The techno-booths located in the EBC and Sir Michael Cobham Library offer a great alternative to this set-up. Similarly, groups of students can use laptops or tablets to capture their work before using a wireless hook-up or a good old-fashioned memory stick to bring ideas together on a central screen.

Share how these learning spaces are being used: email [email protected]